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VersionOne is recognized by agile practitioners as the leader in agile project planning and management tools. By simplifying the process of planning and tracking agile software projects we help development teams deliver better software faster.

Since 2002, companies such as Adobe, Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Novell, Sony and Symantec have turned to VersionOne to help provide greater value to their customers. Today more than 30,000 teams from over 170 countries use VersionOne’s agile management tool.

Built specifically for Agile methods, VersionOne offers the most feature rich, easy to use agile management tool available. Using VersionOne, all project stakeholders can work together to easily coordinate project plans, priorities and progress. Providing over 60 reports and dashboards, no other Agile management tool delivers more project visibility and insight.

Whether you’re a small, single team just getting started with agile development or a multi-team, multi-location global enterprise, with VersionOne you’ll get the best tools in the industry backed by pioneers in agile project planning and management.

For more information about VersionOne contact Jürgen Hohnhold at or via telephone at +49 (0)711 720 717 91 was founded by Ken Schwaber, one of the creators of Scrum, in response to the emergence of the “Flaccid Scrum" phenomenon. Schwaber initially attempted to develop’s programs while part of the Scrum Alliance, an organization that he founded and managed for half a decade. Ultimately, he found that to accomplish his goal of improving Scrum knowledge, training, and implementations, he would need to break away from the vested interests that had come to dominate the Scrum Alliance. This is what he and others have accomplished through's purpose is to improve the profession of software development so that developers love their work and our customers love working with developers.

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Scrum Inc. helps leading organizations in any industry achieve breakthrough productivity with the proven management principles of Scrum. We an show you how to create highly-motivated teams that work quickly, creatively and collaboratively to create innovative results. The company advocates and facilitates Scrum knowledge, training, and vision. Our goal is to transform the way of work.

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